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Easy interfaces are making controls systems a powerful tool for the light commercial market
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Easy interfaces are making controls systems a powerful tool for the light commercial market

Simple and intuitive user interfaces are making smart control systems accessible to users in light commercial applications. Light commercial building operators lack the time and resources to work with complex navigation, large equipment databases, and elaborate schematic diagrams and spreadsheets. They need interfaces that serve up the information they need, when they need it. Additionally, building owners and business stakeholders may need to access or understand the data that shows what’s happening in their building; having that data in a clear dashboard helps them make critical decisions in a timely manner.

Today’s light commercial control system interfaces are offering a new level of ease of use and data insights to make operations and energy savings easier. Operators of smart light commercial controls systems are finding the experience akin to using a residential smart thermostat. Easy-to-understand graphics provide fast access at a glance to essential information, delivering detailed insights to building operations. Systems can be configured from simple screens without assistance from an engineer or contractor and often the interface has the same look and feel whether on a desktop PC, tablet or smart phone.

With point-and-click simplicity, users can navigate through the building, drilling down into individual zones and devices to acquire detailed information or make adjustments. Authorized service personnel can log into the system remotely to monitor proactively or to troubleshoot in response to calls; some issues can be resolved without a technician visit.

A simple, easy to understand interface means it’s easier to implement the controls system without an extensive educational introduction. Most importantly, it’s easier to optimize a building:

  • Simple-to-use controls means building staff or occupants can do more with less time and frustration.
  • Data that can be understood at a glance means that decisions can be made faster and with more insight, leading to reduced energy use and expense.
  • Accessible trend data and alerts means potential issues are easy to spot before they become real problems, maintenance can be done when it’s convenient, not when it’s an emergency, and uptime is increased.

Light commercial controls systems are letting building owners and operators access some of the most powerful features of an advanced building operation system, without the high level of expertise, giving them more control and information to improve their building’s performance.

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